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the Oracle explained

I love communicating with my Inner Being Josef!

all the information I receive resonates with me and makes sense to me!

your Inner Being knows why you're asking questions and guides information you receive during
Angel or Oracle card reading
 in a manner that is beneficial to you, in this very moment

your questions become more focussed as you go along your path of self discovery


what is an Oracle? 

imagine an hour glass, the upper bubble representing energy, the lower bubble representing your physical self

now imagine love sparkles passing from the energy bubble into the physical bubble

the point where the love sparkles now become time or life, that point represents the Oracle


as humans we have different things going on in our lives and these different things
make us feel a certain way

these feelings activate particles within your happy bubble, your energy field

this energy field that surrounds you like a bubble now vibrates in a specific frequency

when these love sparkles pass through the Oracle and they flow easily to you,
you're feeling creative, curious, appreciative, content, loving

you're thinking thoughts and having feelings that are beneficial to creating a love based environment

when the love sparkles flow to you through a maze of disturbances,
you're feeling stress, upset, grief, no money, pain, loneliness

the easier the love sparkles find their way to you, the more in alignment you are

the harder it is for the love sparkles to find their way to you, the more out of alignment you are

you observe your life through the activated "filters" of non-beneficial thoughts and feelings

you are cutting yourself off of Love & Light, wellness, abundance and all that good stuff
you keep putting into your happy bubble

Angel or Oracle cards help focus on the thoughts and feelings that are most active within your
happy bubble or energy field

your Inner Being will guide you to the perfect 3 cards, in the perfect order, with the
perfect words for you to easily hear the invitation to look at your life through Love & Light feelings!

3 ways to book your Oracle card reading

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