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the LAFEM art of connecting explained

LAFEM stands for Love, Appreciation, Focus, Energy, Momentum


the LAFEM art of connecting was created 
to help you quiet your mind, 
assist you to stay in alignment,
so you can receive what you desire,

in 5 simple steps!

LAFEM stands for

Love    Appreciation    Focus    Energy    Momentum

step 1 - Love

pick an object you can easily Love unconditionally, a flower for example 
or your cup of coffee or glass of wine

sit comfortably in front of it, only thinking thoughts of Love & Aweness
of the Deliciousness & Beauty in front of you

once you feel a strong feeling of Love, close your eyes and stay in
this feeling for as long as possible, keep thinking thoughts of
Love & Appreciation

as soon as your thoughts drift off into unwanted thoughts, open your
eyes and focus on the object in front of you again, take a sip and be in
awe of the creation in front of you

feel how your thoughts are moving energy by how you feel and how
you are in control of slowing down these thoughts



step 2 - Appreciation 

Appreciation is simply Love feelings with more Momentum

Love & Appreciation are always supported by your Inner Being

the law of attraction helps increase your Energy flow by bringing you
more of what you're Thinking & Feeling

make sure you're thinking beneficial thoughts

when you're feeling Appreciation you are in alignment

you're feeling bliss, happiness, satisfaction, contentment and
unconditional Love flowing through you

you're in alignment! you're in your vortex! you're in your happy bubble!



step 3 - Focus

stay focussed on the feeling of Appreciation until you feel a strong

steady flow of Love & Appreciation Energy carrying you away


feel how the Momentum gets stronger every time you catch the stream


apply that feeling to as many areas of your life

your job, relationships, health, money...

 without losing the feeling of Appreciation and increase your

 happy bubble Momentum!

feel changes in your Energy within 3 days of focussed

Love & Appreciation!

you're in alignment! you're in your vortex! you're in your happy bubble!



step 4 - Energy

Energy is activated by your Thoughts & Feelings, use it on purpose,

for a purpose and with a purpose!

your thoughts cause you to activate a feeling, the law of attraction

brings you more of what that feeling feels like


it is important to only think beneficial thoughts, so that beneficial

feelings are activated and matched by the universe!

remember, the universe is a friendly place!

you're creating your own reality!


step 5 - Momentum

Momentum is the speed at which the Energy is moving

when you activate a feeling


strong desired Momentum feels like Excitement & Eagerness


strong non-desired Momentum doesn't feel good at all,

you're stressed, overwhelmed and you're hurting


Focus increases Momentum


if it feels good, keep doing it!

if you're not feel good, go back to step 1 and 

LAFEM yourself into alignment!



the LAFEM art of connecting focus shop


the LAFEM art of connecting focus shop consists of

6 x 1 hr weekly Angel or Oracle card readings


we will go deep into each step, apply what you learn to your life

circumstances and smooth out unwanted feelings


each session includes an Angel or Oracle card reading to help you along

the path of self discovery and becoming a badass master of energy!


Focus shop sessions are 6 weekly 1 hour sessions x CAD $44 = CAD  $264

Book the LAFEM art of connecting focus shop

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