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meet Susanna

read her Vision, Mission and Values statements



Hi! I'm Susanna


I have been communicating with my Inner Being

since I can remember!

several years ago I began translating the teachings of Abraham, a group of teachers helping us humans

understand energy and the law of attraction


Abraham and I created

the LAFEM art of connecting,

a new way to quiet your mind and help you

stay in alignment!

Abraham's & Susanna's desire for you

"Our desire is to remind you how you intended

t0 live the life you want, in a body that allows you

to do what you want, by mastering the focus

required to attract what you want, with a purpose,

on purpose and for a purpose."


Abraham & Susanna

Untitled_Artwork 8.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 7_edited.jpg

Vision statement 

"Embrace your innate self and follow your heart's desire to be of assistance to human beings collectively in their

co-creative endeavours."



Mission statement

"Create a lifestyle of perpetual 

abundance of love, appreciation, satisfaction 

and co-creation with others.


Infinite creations of opportunities to explore

desires and manifest those

desires world wide."

Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg


Values statement

"Value the infinite abundance of individual desires and the impact those desires have on humans

world wide.

Let's embrace our innate knowing

of our collective consciousness continuum."

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