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3 ways to receive an OCR

3 ways to receive an Oracle card reading

Quick 1 question Oracle card reading

send Susanna a text with your question to
705-321-2723 or send an email and request a
quick 1 question Oracle card reading for CAD $15
expect a reply within 24 hours

Susanna will pick 1 Oracle card

you will receive an audio recording of 1 Oracle card
to guide you along your path

this is a great option when you need guidance quickly

quick reading

hour in person Oracle card reading

an Oracle card reading is a fun way to receive guidance from your Inner Being & Abraham to questions such as:

how do I love and adore myself?
how do I have more fun in my life?
how do I get out of the way?
how do I get excited about my life?
how can I feel more appreciation in my life?

book your 1 hour in person session
1 hour - CAD $44

1 hour reading

the LAFEM art of connecting focus shop

book LAFEM

the LAFEM art of connecting focus shop

this focus shop consists of 6 x 1 hour weekly sessions
to reset your physical, mental & spiritual wellness

you will receive guidance from your
Inner Being & Abraham
through 6 weekly Oracle card readings

we will focus deep into each step of
the LAFEM art of connecting and we apply it all
to your life circumstances

book the LAFEM art of connecting focus shop
6 x 1 hour weekly sessions at
CAD $44 each = CAD $264



get in touch with Susanna
by phone or text at

by email
please send etransfer to
absolutely 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Oracle card samples

with excerpts from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck and Guidebook

Smoky Mirror

Smoky Mirror

"When the symbol of the Smoky Mirror appears, you're invited to see beyond your own self. Acknowledge that, past the limits of your current ability to perceive, there is a vast interconnected world where events are orchestrated in divine order but challenging to fully grasp."

Andean Cross

Andean Cross

"The Andean Cross announces the start to a great journey. It's time to raise your gaze from the mundane day-to-day to that which, until now, has seemed beyond your grasp. Allow new wisdom to guide you and stop trying to make sense of it all before you respond with a resounding yes."



"To renew yourself, you must shed your old skin. You have already done this, so do not keep scraping away at the old, but welcome the soft new skin that is starting to grow. Break the habit of working on your faults all the time, and let nature take its course."

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel

"To manifest clear blue skies in your life, it is important that you take a look at certain aspects of your being. Enter the medicine wheel from the south and reflect on how you are still clinging to events from the past."



"When Thunder comes into your reading, it refers to a big dramatic change that feels like a herd of wild bison on the run."

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