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Josef explained

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Josef is my Inner Being,
Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel,
True Self, Evolving Self

Josef is whom I have been communicating
with since I was a child

you too have an Inner Being and you too can
learn to communicate with energies

communicating with Josef and other energies helps me understand energy and the law of attraction

how do I communicate with these energies? I feel the words and then translate that feeling!

every word or sentence or event, past, present or future, has a specific vibration or frequency
which I, and you too, translate into words

feel the sentence "I'm going to the beach"
surprised that a sentence has a feeling?
now think of the sentence "breakfast is ready!"
feel the difference?
now think of an apple and then think of a pineapple.... cool, right?
now think of a green apple... then a red apple... then a yellow apple... isn't this awesome?

you are psychic! you are a badass master of energy!

if you can't feel it, no worries at all, you just are not aware of what you're actually doing!
this journey will be even more exciting for you!

realize the badass master of energy you are, dip your toes into a new realm of possibilities
and book your Angel or Oracle card reading

3 ways to receive a card reading

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