Have you ever pondered what love actually is?

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Hi, I'm Susanna and I want everyone to adore and love themselves!

If you are reading this, know that you are being lead along a most joyous path of self discovery.

Why are there so many different forms of love?

Why is self love the one most humans find so hard to welcome into their own lives?

It is no secret that humans thrive in an environment of love and understanding. However, with so many different kinds of loves, which love and understanding is the right one? Looking at all the things humans are fighting against, there is not much love between the different kinds of loves out there. If love is so important to thriving, then why does it seem to be so difficult to feel and obtain for humans? Especially self-love and self-adoration. If you would like to know how you can adore yourself and thus invite adoration into your reality, I invite you to keep on reading :-)

Why is love so hard to understand for us humans? Well, that's because humans build their understanding of love on a flawed premise. The flawed premise that love is something you have for something else.

Love means you join me in my sadness, love means you do this for me because that makes me happy

even if you don't want to and you feel that for me, even if it means joining me in misery while you are happily hanging out in contentment. Is that truly love? Why can love "not feel good at all" and sometimes it feels flat out wrong?

But what if that is not what love is at all?

What if love had nothing to do with anything or anyone else but yourself? To understand all that, we have to take a few steps back to the day you were born and took that first breath of air! Whoosh, life force streaming through you! Eager to experience life! The thrill of evolution!

What happens when you take that first breath? Just like a butterfly emerging from it's mushy existence you entered this world through a sort of metamorphosis. With the first breath your soul, your bundle of energy particles began to flow fully through every cell of your tiny baby body. You became you!

YOU expanded and focused yourself into this human body experiencing yourself!

Made of trillions of beautiful cells, focused into this physical apparatus. Each cell in full alignment with your inner self. I call this energy self my spirit guide, his name is Josef. Josef and I have been chatting ever since I can remember. Of course you have your own Josef/Jasmin/goddess/god/guardian angel/soul/inner self/spirit guide or nothing at all, just that voice inside your head or fuzzy feeling in your heart.

You are YOURSELF experiencing yourself as human! How exciting is that?

Now what are humans? Humans are made of a whole bunch of particles vibrating together, focused by your inner self, you and your surroundings into your physical apparatus. The particles are made of the same stuff that the universe is made of. So you are literally the universe experiencing itself through your human physical apparatus by flowing life force through you, making your heart beat.

Each cell of your body has an inner self, just like you do ;-)

Each cell, connected to your inner self, connected to the ALL. The ALL being infinity. Remember, you are the universe experiencing itself through you. Since the universe only knows unconditional thriving through life force, the closest feeling to what we humans experience as life force is what we call unconditional love. Those moments when you feel an overwhelming sense of love, those are the moments you feel this life force flow through you. Humans often cry when that happens, crying is resistance leaving your body, energy moving now more freely. I'm not talking about hysterical crying or depression crying, that's a different discussion, but crying out of love, appreciation.

When you feel unconditional love you simply cannot focus on anything negative, no room for doubting or second guessing. Life force simply wants to thrive and experience and evolve and become more and more. Infinity!

To do that as efficiently as life has done so for billions of years, life force focuses solely on what is conducive to the universe’s desire to express itself. Life force flows through it all unhindered, no resistance, simply finding problems, immediately creating the solution and never focusing a single

thought particle to anything else but the solution. ​

Unconditional love is the name we humans gave to the feeling of life force flowing without resistance through earthly things

Some call it god, source, the ALL, universe, you get the idea. Life force is unconditional love flowing through every cell of your body, through every particle in the air around you, through your plants in your home, trees on your street, your pets. You are surrounded by unconditional love experiencing and expressing itself through ​anything earthly.

So, how can I as a human feel more love for myself?

By tuning into your inner self, by paying attention to your thoughts, by listening to your innate guidance system. Think feel good thoughts and start feeling good about yourself.

Think of 10 things you absolutely adore about your physical body. If it takes you less than 1 second to start rambling off 50 things you truly, deeply, unconditionally adore about yourself, you are doing a great job! Be sure you truly believe those things you just listed, you cannot trick vibration! Each thought vibrates with how that thought makes you feel, not what you say out in words. The law of attraction doesn't hear your words, it feels your thoughts by how your thoughts vibrate particles. It's the believe you have about your thoughts that create the vibration.

Wow! Sounds so complicated, but it isn't!

If you say I am beautiful, but it stings in your heart, you don't believe it, find something else. Begin with your eyes, most humans do believe they have beautiful eyes. But, if you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and you go "wow, I'm gorgeous!" and you take a second look, maybe even just stand there and really look at yourself, that's what I'm talking about... take a double, adore yourself, feel how your inner self agrees with you and feel how life force flows easily through you, thriving life energy in your body, flowing unconditional adoration to every single cell. You've discovered true beauty from within and the fountain of youth!

If, however...

... you can't even think of 5 things you truly, deeply adore about yourself we have to start at a different point. Don't worry, nothing has gone wrong! All it means is that you've paid less attention to your adorable sides. The harder it is to think of something adorable about yourself, the less practice you've had. All is well and you are exactly where you need to be!

You are in control and now you know!

Now you know that if a thought doesn't feel good, simply means you're off from how your inner self adores you. So much so that you feel terrible when you're not adoring yourself as your inner self does. You inner being is made of pure unconditional love and will never join you in misery. It's impossible, remember, your inner self is life force, is unconditional love, it cannot flow without being invited in.

You have to build a vibrational bridge to invite unconditional love into your reality!

The LAFEM art of connecting suggests to start with love for anything you truly adore without any negative emotions attached to it. I really appreciate my cup of coffee in the morning, so I usually use that as a starting point. Find 15 minutes somewhere quiet, and start with a cup of coffee and sit with it and love it, unconditionally. By that I mean, if it reminds you of your ex, don't use coffee, use a tree, a flower. Anything you can look at without feeling anything negative. Once you feel that quiet feeling in your heart, close your eyes and quiet even further.

Feel how good that feels, not what you feel, don't try to "find" a feeling or something, someone. Just sit and breathe and feel good. Relax your muscles and sit quietly and breathe. If you start thinking about other things, open your eyes and look at the coffee, take a sip, smell it and go back into that quiet state and do this for 15 minutes every day. As soon as you feel yourself drift into thoughts, open your eyes and love whats in front of you. It gets easier fast. Once you're solid with coffee, try doing it with something that might have a little bit of resistance. If you do feel resistance, maybe a sting in your heart, try to find out why you are having resistance to that and then release the negativity attached to it. View "problems" as great adversaries. Until you stand in front of a mirror naked, adoring yourself the way you are right now, this moment. Training sessions, that's what I call them. Some took longer to conquer than others! Some days you have to start back at coffee!

Happy trails on your journey to self discovery!

Adore yourself,

Susanna, Josef & Abraham


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